Who I Am

Hi! My name is Tracy Zimmer. I am a mom, a friend, mentor and team leader at Seacret Direct. I keep busy with my family, as we are very active with my kids sports, volunteering, traveling and just the duties of day to day life.

I have a bachelor’s degree in Education and taught for 13 years thinking that would be my career until retirement, until I got introduced to the profession of network marketing/social sharing with a unique company called Seacret Direct.

I loved the idea of using and promoting a very high quality Dead Sea mineral health and wellness line, and I really loved the idea of earning extra along side my teaching job. It just made sense. Who doesn’t wish to earn extra money for the extras in life? “Extra” turned into replacing and surpassing my teaching salary within months of working with Seacret Direct part time.

More importantly, I found my life long passion very quickly and was able to change my life from working on a set schedule and dropping my kids at child care, to now working when I want, where I want and with who I want, while still being able to be a full time mom. Today I have the flexibility and time freedom I never thought was possible. Not only is Seacret providing me an income that leaves lots of room for the “extras”, it is also creating a lifestyle with so many opportunities to travel the world, meet incredible people, and truly help others.

What I Do

I am a Red Diamond leader and a Cabinet Ambassador for SEACRET Direct.

I help other agents set goals, launch their business, coach them to generate income in a way and time frame that fits into their life all while having fun.

My goal is to help every agent become the BEST version of themselves while guiding them to earn an income on the side of what they are already doing.

I enjoy building relationships with others and love seeing other people have more in life because of what we do.

I live life with a mission to impact others and help change lives.

My Work

I am a Red Diamond agent at SEACRET Direct and a Cabinet Ambassador for the company.

I have been blessed to be recognized as a $250K dollar ring earner .

I have produced multiple lines of leadership within my organization and have duplicated the system we have in place.

I feel honored to have been asked to speak at many company events as well as our international conventions to represent SEACRET.

We are the fastest growing and the top producing team in SEACRET within North America and proud to see so many agents WINNING!

We Love Tracy

Tracy is Amazing

“The support Tracy provided me when I was starting my Seacret business was without a doubt the reason for my success.”

Stacey Robertson

“Tracy Zimmer introduced me to SEACRET in October 2012 and with no previous experience in the industry she became a six figure earner in her first year part time. She always leads by example and supports her team. She is 100% passionate about Relationship Marketing and firmly believes this is the vehicle that will change hers and others financial futures.”

Sarah Mclean

“If you looked up Tracy Zimmer in a dictionary I’m sure you would find this: kind, gentle, humble, honest, caring, giving. A mother, wife, friend and leader who works with the perfect amount of honour, integrity and respect to not only allow for great success for her family but help many others see an incredible amount of success. “

Alicia Humphries

“I met Tracy 6 years ago. She was a complete stranger to me, but we soon become friends and business partners who were ready to take on a new venture. In the past 6 years I’ve gotten to know her and work alongside her, I have to say she is a beautiful woman inside and out. She has a huge heart, she’s humble, she’s kind, she is hard working, and she ALWAYS has my back. She’s been an incredible support whether it be my business or personal life. If you have an opportunity to meet this woman and/or work with her don’t pass it up.“

Stacey Tillmanns

“Tracy Zimmer has been such an inspiration to me over the years. Her leadership, strength and friendship have been pivotal in my own growth in this business. I’m so grateful our paths crossed and for all of her guidance over the years. Servant leadership at its best.“